Tokyo Part 3 – Who ate all the animals?

There’s almost no wildlife of any sort, except crows and cicadas.  An occasional cat in the street, some tiny dogs being walked by single men at 6am, the odd sparrow – but i haven’t seen a rat, a lizard or any of the other things one might expect.  Spotted an egret in the park, and some monster carp and terrapins, plus a pair of sea eagles over the bay, but startling lack of fauna.

Did they eat everything?  Clearly they did – i have been offered things that are so newly born that they probably didn’t have time to breathe.  Tokyo is very fond of eels and we have had elvers so tiny they are like baby bean sprouts – eating them just feels wrong, like eely child abuse.  Bags of teeny shrimplets that surely only just made it out of the egg before being scooped up.  All delicious but will there be any left soon?  Even the tuna look suspiciously on the small side, but that’s not stopping them.