Haydn should get out more

hll_03The first outing of “Haydn’s London Ladies” was a great success and we attracted a very appreciate audience from among the visitors to the Foundling Museum. The museum’s beautiful upstairs salon was the perfect intimate venue to try out this new lecture-recital format, in which I speak as much as I sing. The narrative traces the relationships Haydn established with four particular women during his years in London, and we sing and play the music associated with these women as we reveal their stories. Most of the music is by Haydn but there are a couple of pleasing oddities that I unearthed during my research at the British Library. My particular thanks to Richard Hetherington (piano, pictured with me) and Joe Austin, my trusty script editor on this project and collaborator on other McCaldin Arts projects.

Listen to excerpts from the concert: The Mermaid’s Song and Recollection