The Singing Entrepreneur at Operosa in Belgrade, Serbia

This week The Singing Entrepreneur (Arlene Rolph, Darren Abrahams and me) has been in Belgrade at the invitation of opera company Operosa. Operosa’s entrepreneurial and inspiring founder Katherine Haataja had invited us, having followed our progress since the Forum we held in London in 2012. We spent two full days with a number of young singers (early 20s to early 30s) discussing issues of Identity, Business and Performance in the singing industry, exploring definitions of success and models for growth. We were overwhelmed by the positive and collaborative response we got from the participants. Everyone, whatever their experience of the industry so far seemed eager to engage with and contribute to the discussion.

Best of all, we had the chance to hear most of the participants sing during the second day’s ‘mock auditions’. The singers generously opened themselves up to us by performing and then discussing the issues that their ‘audition’ had introduced. In this wonderful collegiate atmosphere we discovered a great deal together and heard some really knock-out singing as well! As so so often happens in teaching situations, the three of us from the Singing Entrepreneur learned at least as much as the students.

We had a great time in Serbia’s capital and even found time for a quick late-night flit round the impressive Fort that dominates the Old City. We look forward to following how everyone gets on with the fifteen new Habits for Success we shared with them and hope our ideas and suggestions will not only prove to be motivating and inspiring, but also practical. Our thanks to Kat, Mia, Tea and Silviya for making it all happen.

A version of this blog post also appears on the Singing Entrepreneur website.